Well.. I’m not sure why my company gives President’s Day as a paid holiday, but I’m sure not complaining.  It’s just one day.. but it’s WONDERFUL..

We don’t really have major plans or anything.. we stayed at home this weekend.  We got stuff done around the house.. laundry.. blech.  Also picked up a new easel for Ben from Ikea.. LOVE that store.. but HATE the crowds.  There’s nothing worse for someone with social anxiety and a tad bit of agoraphobia than to walk into a store like Ikea.. a gazillion people and no clear path to an exit.. yikes!  The good news is that Benji absolutely LOVES his new art stuff and has yet to paint on the walls of our living room.. *cross fingers*  If that happens, you can bet that I’ll blog all about it!

I’m in a weird place with my blog(s).. I wanted to write an update.. but do I write it on my blogspot blog or do I write it here?  I figure that since I’m going to transfer everything over to wordpress, I might as well write my new posts here.  Hopefully I’ll have a domain name set up soon and then I get stop all the fussing.

So what do you think of the photo at the top of the page?  That’s me when I was like 4..

Oh well.. I’m tired.  I did like 14 loads (not really) of laundry today (the tiring part is carrying it up and down the stairs.. first thing I do when we buy a house is to put a laundry room on the same floor as the bedrooms.. we may not have windows or a roof.. but we’ll have a laundry room and a dishwasher!).. then I swept the front walk (I know.. what the hell?.. I guess i’m nesting or something) and then Ben and I went for about a 2 mile walk (I walked.. he rode in the stroller).  Overall, it was a good day.  Poor shiela isn’t feeling well, so she’s just been losing time on the couch, but other than that things have been good.  The best part is that it is 7pm and I haven’t had a headache yet today!!  Last night I was in bed at 6pm with another migraine.  This is getting old!

Ok.. must watch Sprout with the little dude before he heads to bed..